CHEMCON is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Manjusar near Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, Western India.

With an experience of more than two decades in the chemical industry:

  • We contribute a major share in the Indian requirements.
  • One of the leading completion fluids partner for major oil and gas service providers

Expertise in these industries and the knowhow enable us to grow rapidly on international markets as well.

We have mastered the technology for:

To make advanced intermediates used by API Industry and Completion Fluids used by Oilfield Industry, worldwide, with the help of innovative manufacturing systems, product development through Research & Re-engineering and using latest technology in most economical system with consistent quality, import substitutions and shortest supply time.

To contribute to a major share globally in the supply of in-house manufactured intermediates for API Industry and Completion Fluids for Oilfield Industry .We shall always strive to be the market leaders globally by providing our valued customers with the best quality and service solutions and thereby adding value in every way possible.


our products

Oilfield Chemicals

One of the reliable partners for Completion Brines and the largest manufacturer of calcium bromide in India. We manufacture Calcium bromide, Sodium bromide and Zinc Bromide, offering major oil and gas companies worldwide.

Pharma Intermediates

A well-recognized name in pharma industry catering major API manufacturers in India as well as worldwide for more than two decades. Largest manufacturer of Hexamethyldisilazane in India fulfilling major requirements of the domestic market.


Understanding market requirement of silanes industry, we are provide customized products as per the final application. With the quality and service we are expanding our products for the best fit in industry.

Contract Manufacturing

Focus on quality, innovation and flexibility, we offer chemical custom manufacturing excellence across our global network. We can take project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacture from Kg to Metric tons.