(CMIC) CAS No.: 35180-01-9

CMIC is Colourless and transparent liquid. It is used Anti-AIDS and hepatitis B drugs tenofovir and intermediate in organic synthesis.

Sr. No Title Specification
1 Appearance A clear, colorless liquid to pale yellow liquid.
2 Miscibility Miscible with Methanol and Dimethyl Fromamide
3 Identification (By GC) The retention time of principal peak obtained in sample solution corresponds to that obtained in the standard solution in the test for Related Substances by GC.
4 Moisture Content (By K.F) NMT 1.0 % W/V
5 Chromatographic Purity NLT 99.9 %
6 Content of CMCF NMT 0.05%
7 Total impurities NMT 2.00%

200 kg drum / ISO tank