• Focus on quality, innovation and flexibility, we offer chemical custom manufacturing services. We can take project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacture from Kg to Metric tons.
  • Well equipped plants
  • SS and glass lined reactors
  • Effluent system
  • Spacious warehouses
  • Chilling plants:
    Three plants with capacity of 20 TR at -15 C
    • Nitrogen Plant:
      Capacity: 20 Nm3/ Hr
    • Cooling towers
      With capacity of 150 TR to 500 TR
    • Power reserves:
      900 A MGVCL & 500 KVA DG SET
  • Boilers:
    Three boilers with capacity of 5 MT Steam/hour 3 MT Steam/Hour Oil fired boiler: 4 Lac KCal/hour
    • Storage tanks
      Three Bromine storage tanks: Two Approved ammonia storage tanks Dedicated Chlorine storage area
    • Chemistry we can handle
      i. Bromination,
      ii. Chlorination,
      iii. Hydrochlorination,