(HMDS/HMDZ) CAS No.: 999-97-3 (REACH Registered)


  • Chemcon HMDZ is strong and effective silylating agent. It is primarily used for the protection of sensitive functional groups during chemical synthesis.
  • We customize the characteristic of the product and made the product best fitted as intermediate in pharma application as well as silanes in silicone industry.


A. Pharma Intermediates:
It can introduce trimethylsilyl group into organic molecules containing an active hydrogen atom such as alcohols, carboxylic acids, amines etc... Hence used is in production of semi synthetic beta lactum antibiotics as ampicillin and cephalexin. So HMDS/HMDZ is used to produce API like Gemcitabine, Cefprozil, Analapril melate, Efavirenz, Sofosbuvir etc...

B. Silicon Industry:
Ready-to-use preparations for surface treatment of silicon Promotes photoresist adhesion on silicon and SiO2 films Prevents lift-off at edges of photoresist and reduces undercutting.

C. Life Science

  • A. SEM sample preparation
  • B. Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

D. RTV-Silica fillers
To make the hydrophilic fillers hydrophobic so that they can be dispersed uniformly in silicone fluids, it is used as silicone elastomer modifier.

Sr. No Title Specification
1 Appearance A Clear Colorless Liquid.
2 Solubility Insoluble in water & miscible in Acetone
3 Identification By GC
4 Specific gravity(@ 25oC) NMT 0.78
5 Boiling Range 123 oC to 127 oC
6 HMDO (by GC) NMT 0.50 %
7 Purity as HMDS NLT 99.00 %


  • 1 Lit Aluminum bottle-sample quantity
  • 160 Kgs epoxy coated MS drums
  • ISO tank