(HMDSO/HMDO) CAS No.: 107-46-0


organosilicon compound with the formula O[Si(CH3)3]2. This volatile colorless liquid is used as a solvent and as a reagent in organic synthesis.


Chemical synthesis:

  • Can be used in the preparation of trimethylsiloxy end-capped siloxane fluids and gums.

Cosmetics and pharma:

  • Can be used as a volatile excipient in spray pump systems,For topical applications, e.g. in combination with fungicides
  • The low surface tension of this disiloxane improves the coverage of the skin and possibly increases the bio-availability of the active drug.
Sr. No Title Specification
1 Appearance A Clear Colorless Liquid.
2 Specific gravity(@ 25oC) NMT 0.764
3 Boiling Range 101 oC to 102 oC
4 Purity as HMDO (by GC) NLT 99.00 %

160 Kgs Epoxy coated MS drums Technical specification