(TMCS/TMSC) CAS No.: 75-77-4

TMCS is also known as chlorotrimethylsilane is an organosilicon compound. It is a colourless liquid that is stable in the absence of water. It is widely used in organic chemistry.


  • Chemical synthesis:

Pharma API Production:

  • Used as coating for silicon and glass surfaces, and in the production of silicone (polysiloxane) polymers.

Sr. No Title Specification
1 Appearance Clear Colorless Liquid.
2 Solubility Insoluble in water & miscible in Acetone
3 Specific gravity Between 0.851 to 0.861
4 Boiling Range 55 oC to 59 oC
5 HMDO (by GC) NMT 0.50 %
6 Purity as TMCS NLT 99.00%

170 kg drum / ISO tank