To make advanced intermediates used by API and Agro Industry and Completion Fluids used by Oilfield Industry, worldwide, with the help of innovative manufacturing systems, product development through Research & Re-engineering and using latest technology in most economical system with consistent quality, import substitutions and shortest supply time.

To contribute to a major share globally in the supply of in-house manufactured intermediates for API and Agro Industry, Completion Fluids for Oilfield Industry .We shall always strive to be the market leaders globally by providing our valued customers with the best quality and service solutions and thereby adding value in every way possible.

About Us

Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited (CSCL) is a leading manufacturer of Silanes, pharma intermediates, Agro intermediates and Oilfield Chemicals. With over three decades of expertise and a global footprint, we are committed to providing the best quality.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, which means all our products are stringently complied with the regulations and at par quality.

CSCL has a well-developed infrastructure that is stretched across an wide area with well-equipped in-house laboratories and other utilities.

We have gained experience in shipping more than hundred consignments per annum to the global giants of more than 30 countries so far.

Moreover, we firmly believe in a customer-centric approach, sustainable business operations, and maintaining long-term association with our stakeholders.



Area of land comprising dedicated manufacturing facilities and green belt.


Works on Zero Effluent Discharge.


Recycling of treated waste for process.


ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities for quality and environment protection.


Captive Power Generation – Safe and Uninterrupted Operations


Huge plant capacities & well open RCC construction facilities


Well designed and adequate warehouses.


Well-equipped in-house laboratories for QC and R&D

Why Choose Us

Well Equipped Plant with ready-made infrastructure

  • Boiler With The Capacity Upto 16MT Steam/hr
  • Fired Boilers With 4 Lac Kcal/hr Capacity
  • Chilling Plant
  • Nitrogen plant
  • Cooling Towers

Large Storage Tanks

  • Multiple Bromine Storage Tanks
  • Multiple Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Dedicated Chlorine storage area

Technical Expertise in the area of

  • Bromination
  • Hydrochlorination
  • Chlorination
  • Fiedel Craft Alkylation
  • Fiedel Craft Acylation

R&D lab

  • Concept to scale up to commercial production, everything is carried out with ease by optimally utilizing the resources.


  • Tailor made solutions according to customer specific requirements.


  • Zero Discharge Plant
  • Spacious Warehouses
  • Zero Accident in last one decade
  • Experience in handling hazardous chemicals in bulk

Key Points

In the calendar year 2019, one of the most dependable partners for Completion Brines and the largest manufacturer of calcium bromide in India.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company for the “Manufacture and supply of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Silanes and Oilfield Chemicals”. Our manufacturing facility is located at Manjusar near Vadodara in Gujarat.

We are a manufacturer of specialised chemicals, such as HMDS and CMIC which are predominantly used in the pharmaceuticals industry and inorganic bromides, namely Calcium Bromide, Zinc Bromide and Sodium Bromide, which are predominantly used as completion fluids in the oilfields industry.

We being the only manufacturer of HMDS in India and were the third largest manufacturer of HMDS worldwide in terms of production in the calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report). We being the largest manufacturer of CMIC in India and the second largest manufacturer of CMIC worldwide, in terms of production and capacity in calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report).

Further, we being the only manufacturer of Zinc Bromide and the largest manufacturer of Calcium Bromide in India, in terms of production in calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report)

Expertise in these industries and the knowhow enable us to grow rapidly on international markets as well.

Major chemistry we operate in:




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